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Shiftmove - New group offers one-stop-shop solution for mobility operations


Berlin, 11. October 2023 –At the turn of 2022/23, Battery Ventures acquired two European fleet management software companies, Avrios from Zurich and Vimcar from Berlin. This merger has now resulted in a new group of companies called Shiftmove. Under the leadership of the former CEO of Avrios, Francine Gervazio, the group aims to digitize the mobility management of companies throughout Europe. The group plans to expand its presence in Europe and its service portfolio by acquiring other companies in related sectors. Shiftmove is headquartered in Berlin. The group currently employs around 250 people and has around 67,000 corporate customers.

Great growth potential across Europe

Zak Ewen, Principal at investor Battery Ventures, assesses the market potential: "To date, only a fraction of administrative processes for corporate mobility have been digitized. We want to leverage this market potential with Shiftmove as a group of companies and new umbrella brand. Our goal is to create the European market leader for fleet and company mobility management with Shiftmove."

"We are starting with the fleet management solutions of Vimcar and Avrios and will gradually add other solutions such as mobility budgets for employees and tools to accelerate the transition to electric vehicle fleets," says Francine Gervazio, CEO of Shiftmove. Battery Ventures provides the funds for further acquisitions.

Integrated solution for value-adding mobility management

Francine Gervazio explains where the shoe pinches for companies when it comes to operational mobility: "Today, companies across Europe are meeting their mobility needs for employees and goods with a wide range of very different solutions. We know from fleet management that many companies still manage their fleets manually using Excel spreadsheets. In addition, fleet managers work with at least eight different suppliers on average. We believe that by consolidating the data in one place, we can offer our customers an efficient solution, provide better insights and help them optimize costs."

However, operational mobility is not just about fleet management. "What we need to make operational mobility fit for the future is an integrated solution for all tasks related to the mobility of people, vehicles and goods," says Shiftmove CEO Francine Gervazio. In order to take a holistic view of managing operational mobility, she also includes additional fleet management services, supporting tools for electric fleets, managing mobility budgets for employees and procurement management, for example. "We are transforming mobility management from a cost factor into a value driver," adds Gervazio. "This will only work with a holistic view of all areas."

Companies are under pressure

The phase-out of combustion engines in 2035, rising fuel costs and, at the latest, the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive, which will come into force in 2024, are increasing the pressure on companies to operate more sustainably. Around 50,000 companies in the EU are affected by the requirements.

Shiftmove CEO Francine Gervazio comments: "The cost and efficiency pressure on companies is growing.  Operational mobility is an important lever when it comes to keeping an eye on emissions targets and saving costs. However, in order to achieve these goals, companies must be able to exploit the full efficiency potential in this area. This is only possible with a holistic view that helps to manage and analyze all processes and data in one place. Aggregating data and analyzing it centrally holds enormous potential for more efficient processes and well-informed investment decisions - not to mention the time gained for value-adding activities."

About Shiftmove

SHIFTMOVE is the European pioneer for mobility operations. Created from the merger of the two market leaders Avrios and Vimcar, SHIFTMOVE enables companies to reap the benefits of holistic operational mobility management. SHIFTMOVE has set itself the task of integrating all the mobility needs of employees, goods and tools in an easy-to-manage, cloud-based software platform. It creates the basis for transforming operational mobility from a pure cost factor into a value driver for the entire organization.

SHIFTMOVE is headquartered in Berlin, with offices in Zurich, Wroclaw and Milan. As of today, the company has 250 employees. SHIFTMOVE's main investor is Battery Ventures.

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