Welcome to our new Career Hub — We're excited to announce that Vimcar and Avrios have joined forces and are now Shiftmove. Explore our open roles and discover your future with us here!
Vimcar and Avrios have joined forces and are now Shiftmove. Explore our open roles.

Together we simplify mobility operations

We don’t just manage fleets, we are one: With over 230 employees from more than 35 countries, we’re working on creating Europe’s most exciting fleet tech company. So, fasten your seatbelt and join us.

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How we work

Our values aren’t just hollow statements. They guide our decisions and form the basis of our collaborative efforts. We run an inclusive, innovative, and impactful organization that thrives on compassion, growth, excellence, and resilience. We take these values seriously by recruiting and rewarding people based on their alignment. We don’t just want you to fit in, we want you to expand on these sentiments.

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Care Deeply

We believe that caring deeply for our customers, colleagues, community, and ourselves is the key to creating a successful and fulfilling business.

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Speak Freely

We believe that clear, honest, and straightforward communication is essential to building strong relationships with our customers and colleagues.

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Build Your Path

We believe that we create new pathways through growth and learning. That’s how we attain new levels of personal and professional success.

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Do Great Things, Fast

We believe that speed and excellence are not mutually exclusive. Achieving both is possible by focusing on continuous improvement.

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Embrace Change

We believe that flexibility and adaptability are critical to achieving a “state of flow.” That’s how individuals and teams can perform at their best.

Where we work

As a hybrid company, our processes, communications, and culture allow for both remote and on-site work. While we make sure you have the flexibility to choose a work environment that works best for you, we also believe that some meetings and events (such as team on-sites, company events, performance or conduct discussions) require on-site presence.

Berlin Office

Berlin, Germany: Here you’ll find Shiftmove Tower. Our 5-story office building with closed and open collaboration spaces, a rooftop, and great coffee. 🇩🇪

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Zurich Office

Wiedikon, Switzerland: This is our dog-friendly office near the Uetliberg mountain. It has a rooftop, amazing coffee, and wonderful neighbors.🇨🇭

Wroclaw Office

Wroclaw, Poland: As one of our newest hubs, it is part of the co-working space QuickWork. It also comes with an awesome barista. 🇵🇱

Our Benefits and Perks

Learning Budget

We support our employees’ growth and professional development through a generous company-wide continued learning budget.

Mental Health Support

We encourage our employees to take one mental health day per year, and give them access to anonymous coaching or therapy sessions through Nilo.health.

Great Perks

Choose among several exciting perks: A BVG ticket grant, an Urban Sports Club membership, or a Benefitsy subscription.


Lease a quality bike straight through Shiftmove and take advantage of tax benefits.

Regular Company and Team Events

We value team spirit and communication. That’s why we organize regular events so you can meet your colleagues outside of work.

Pension Plan

We want you to invest in your future. Our flexible, legally obliged, pension package lets you plan ahead.


Get out of here! At Shiftmove you can take a 12-week remote workation in any country or continent you want.

Corporate Benefits

It pays off to work at Shiftmove. As an employee, you benefit from various deals and discounts at some of your favourite stores.


We like to keep it flexible. At Shiftmove, you can work from home or on-site. We don’t have fixed working hours or days.

Interviewing at Shiftmove

Your Career Move, Simplified 🚀: Job searches are a daunting task. We get it. That’s why our hiring process is straightforward and informative. Let us guide you seamlessly to your next career destination.

Recruiter Interview

This is your initial interview with one of our talent partners. This conversation will take about 30 to 60 minutes.

Hiring Manager Interview

Our hiring manager will share details about the position, and you’ll have an opportunity to explore how your skillset complements the role.

Sample Rounds

We might ask you to prepare a sample case study to help us understand the depth of your expertise.

Meet the team

You’ll have a chance to speak with stakeholders or members of your future team.


If your background and mindset align with our vision, your talent acquisition partner will reach out and extend an offer to become a core part of our team. We’ll be so excited to have you on board!

Our open Roles

Whether you’re at the start of your career or looking for a new challenge, we have roles across our International Teams and local products in 3 countries. Search here to find your perfect match.

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